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MIND CONSULT & RESEARCH was founded in 1996 by Walter Schrittwieser and is a leading strategy and management consulting firm, providing services and solutions in the area of regional and transnational project and market development initiatives, based in Graz, Austria.

Since 1996 we were involved in more than 180 interregional and transnational projects mainly within the frame of European Territorial Co-operation and RTD Programmes.

Moderne Stadt

OUR CLAIM is to give professional support to our clients. Working in partnership together we improve our clients´ competitive advantage.

OUR WORK is clear and precise. We work well with your people at all levels as a catalyst to get the job done.

OUR COMPETENCIES are our great variety of expertise within our team and partner network. We are used to interdisciplinary work, creating added value for our clients.

OUR RESULTS are practical and sustainable. We encourage our clients to share in our knowledge, improving their skills and access to information. We want to see our clients prepared to face future challenges.

GETTING INVOLVED in our network of excellence, means that our clients are aligning their objectives with development strategies. We aim to build long-term relationship, so that we create a unique alliance for best-in-class solutions, necessary to stay ahead of the competition.

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